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Shavershian Fitness is a fitness brand with roots dating back to 2010; during the emergence of the aesthetics era, which caused a power shift in the bodybuilding industry that is still very much present today.

Led by Zyzz, the aesthetics crew: Chestbrah, Babo, Philray, Supaturk, and of course Zyzz himself, brought the concept of a streamlined, symmetrical physique and party lifestyle to boot to mainstream bodybuilding. This mentality, brought to the forefront through Zyzz’s Youtube videos and Facebook presence, inspired millions to live life to the fullest and may very well be the reason you are here today.

To learn more about how Zyzz, Chestbrah, and how the rest of the aesthetics crew conquered the fitness industry, take a look at Zyzz & Chestbrah: The Legacy Continues.

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