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Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, better known by his alias Zyzz, was a bodybuilder who inspired millions to get in to the gym, train hard, party harder, and not take life too seriously.

Considered by many to be the reason the fitness industry is as popular as it is today, Zyzz was the first in the bodybuilding industry to promote a well rounded lifestyle, going out with your friends and still enjoying life whilst training 5 days a week. Through his motivational speeches in Zyzz: The Legacy, Zyzz & Chestbrah: The Legacy Continues and Zyzz & Chestbrah: Genesis, Zyzz gave hope to millions of young teenagers looking for a change.

Born in Moscow, Russia Zyzz moved to Australia at a young age with his older brother Chesbrah, known at the time as Said Shavershian. Skinny all the way up until the end of the high school, the duo decided to make a change and got in to the gym late in their teen years, packing on pounds of mass and becoming aesthetic icons. Together, they dominated the fitness industry.

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